“It’s like carbonara, caramel macchiato and cheesecake. Carbonara is greasy but you fall for it, macchiato is so sweet that when I’m listening to it (Kyuhyun’s voice) my heart seems to be tenderly soothed. No other person has a voice like yours in this world, you’re my only Super Star Top Idol…” Shim Chuang
Mania , Persian , 91-er
full-time worker at Falling for Kyu LOL~XD , feel free to ask me anything and talk with me , I'm an outgoing girl ㅋㅋㅋ
and btw I see kyuhyun as he is , not biased ^.~

Do you feel a lot of difference between performing solo on stage and performing with the group? Is there any good point about it? Kyuhyun: It’s a little more difficult. When recording Super Junior albums, whenever there’s a difficult thing, I can talk to the other members and share it with them. But when I’m recording a solo song, the difficult thing is that I have to cope with all the song alone and I don’t have much experience. The good point is that I like it when my voice is continuously coming out (laughs)
Anonymous: Actually, he's only ever got double eye surgery. He never got anything else done and if you look closely at this before debut pictures and current ones, you can tell that it's just makeup that makes his nose look straighter and smaller. Also, in his airport pictures, you can tell his nose/jaw/facial structure is the same as it ever was.

exactly ! that’s what I meant too !

actually even from the beginning that I saw him as a foreigner I mentioned that his eyes are different from other koreans that I’d seen before him and I think he even didn’t need any double eyelid surgery but still we all know that these days double eyelid surgery is so common that it’s not counted as a plastic surgery anymore :D haha

still i hope people can see him as what he really is and his real charm that is unique

it’s not really that I can’t take criticism toward him but still when people who know nothing about him talk nonsense about him and after seeing his pictures they just say he has surely gone through lots of surgeries it makes me so angry ! OF COURSE i admit he will change a lot with make-up and he might have done some rare surgeries like what every ordinary people like us will do but surely he has not really changed ! everything is the same except him becoming chubbier !

at least by this month i have seen him every single day of my life for more than 7 years and I can say everything is the same !

I hope people can think about the result of their words when they don’t have acknowledge of what they say about other people !